Billing system

Our company offers one of the three settlement systems with the customer.
Each is well thought out in a way that it benefits both parties.
Which billing system you should choose? See our suggestions.

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Fixed price

In fixed price you determine in advance the price for a given product/service described in detail in the specification. All additional steps asked by customer during project realization will be performed for additional fee in a separate settlement.
This system is recommended if the customer knows exactly what is expected from the final product. What are the features of the product, how its individual elements should look. If we have a perfectly set work schedule then it will be the ideal choice.

T&M (Time & Material)

T&M involves payment for actually executed services on the basis of working time of programmers. The customer is free to change project specification and to add new elements.
This system is recommended if the customer doesn't have the work schedule, and the project is not fully thought through. Any ideas and changes in the executed project are introduced on an ongoing basis and settled hourly. The customer can count on our professional advice for this type of project, we will guide him on the right track going together through its subsequent stages.

Body/Team Leasing

If you have a task for one or a group of programmers, but you don't have specialized staff then it's perfect option for you. We rent you person from our team chosen by you, or they can select the ideal candidate to carry out your task on their own. We are also renting teams composed of several persons when the job requires it.
For the work of our developers we charge adequately to the task entrusted to them and their working hours.

Tell us about your project or idea, and we will help you with its realization and selecting the right billing system. Contact us!